Why is the Citroen CS4 Cactus such an unreliable car?

Although some people went all-out for the strange plastic cladding on this funky new design Citroen CS4 Cactus - which were designed as added protection against scuffs and bumps, (or airbumps as they are officially known) - for others the car has proven to be not quite what they anticipated! The model has been beset with recalls and faults over the last few years and has plummeted in the reliability ratings in recent times, so let's take a look at just what has been going wrong.

Electrics and suspension

A number of problems have been centred on electrics such as air conditioning and sat nav problems which have been corrected under warranty for most drivers. However, there are reports of suspension problems that have incurred costs for other disgruntled owners. In addition, there have been a number of recalls as mentioned above, and these have included ones for bonnets opening unexpectedly on earlier models and a larger scale recall for starter motors on some cars built in 2016.

Diesel engine problems

In a Cactus with a diesel engine fitted it is necessary to ensure it goes on regular motorway journeys due to the diesel particulate filter, or DPF. If the car is not driven at high speeds fairly frequently the DPF cannot regenerate and some owners have not been aware of this or do not drive on motorways often. However, mixed reports have meant that any problems this has caused may potentially be caused by the owner or by the dealer not making this clear at the outset. However, other problems that have arisen with DPF cars have been a part way shut off as it is in the process of regeneration.

Other issues

Although not a major issue over short distances and dependent on your height, a number of owners have struggled to get a comfortable driving position and have said the car doesn't handle as sharply as some of it's contemporaries. Although there have been improvements in more recent models the gearbox was reported as a let-down in some earlier designs and there have also been some modifications and improvement to what some has been deemed it's sloppy feel when shifting gears. Recent car reviewers have reported some improvements to it's poor reliability rating, and the company themselves have been trying very hard to shake off a reputation for unreliability an quality that is not quite up to scratch. Nevertheless, it may be one to check out that bit more thoroughly if you are in the market for this eye-catching car!

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