Why is the Jaguar XF such an unreliable Car?

The Jaguar XF has been a popular choice in the luxury, executive class. The sleek exterior styling of the lightweight aluminium body has contributed to the car's competent fuel efficiency of an average 57.6 mpg leading to an impressive reduction in carbon emissions. There is a 2.0 litre, 4 cylinder 163 PS engine which can reach a maximum of 132mph (212kmh) and has an ability to accelerate from 0 to 60mph in under ten seconds. Its superior road handling has the advantage of cruise control and onboard technology packed with features such as Autonomous Emergency Braking and assistance with rear parking. The spacious interior of the Jaguar XF boasts luxurious leather upholstery with adjustable lumbar panels for added comfort. It appears to be an ideal car yet owners have reported a catalogue of problems that has seen it branded as unreliable.

Circuitry Faults

Up to 35% of the reported faults originate with the electrical circuitry of the Jaguar XF. Common problems have included a lack of air-conditioning, an unbalanced heating system and warning lights on the dashboard that either fail to work or randomly issue false alarms causing confusion over the reliability of several components. The Jaguar XF is conveniently fitted with WiFi, Bluetooth and an ICE in-car phone system but many owners find fault with the lack of updated software that is available.

Gearbox problems

A more serious issue has centred around the gearbox. While gear selection has often been far from smooth due to an incessant vibration within the unit, in many instances there have been repeated reports of an intermittent loss of traction even on moderate inclines. Some of the blame has pointed to a circuitry fault within the electronic throttle or even low battery power but diagnosis has all too often suggested a costly replacement of the entire part.

Water Leaks

A lack of competence during manufacture is often blamed for the common occurrence of ill-fitting windscreens and door seals. Water leakage is commonly reported within the footwells and in the boot. Jaguars have long had a reputation for minor faults such as windscreen wipers that stick. The Jaguar XF is often considered to be a noisy car with rattling caused through draughts and additional sounds from the early wear and tear of the anti-roll bar bushes within the suspension.

Luxurious Expectations

When purchasing within the luxury sector, owners inevitably expect a certain level of perfection and are disappointed to find a common range of faults in the Jaguar XF. Many of the problems are the result of poor coordination within the electronic circuit and a lack of attention during assembly but it is the difficulties with components such as the gearbox and suspension that have led to the car's unreliable reputation. However, the Jaguar XF still finds great appeal with future owners due to its powerful fuel efficiency and performance combined with a luxurious, comfortable interior and the stylish, aerodynamic exterior.

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