Luxurious doesn't always mean reliable

A Mercedes Benz C-class is the sort of car some of us can only dream of - so for that kind of price you must be getting not only a luxury car but a well-made and high quality vehicle right? Well, not necessarily it seems.

A number recent reviews have placed the sleek vehicle on lists that, along with a range of other contenders, classify it as one of the most unreliable cars on the road. Although the car ranks highly in the looks department with a powerful road presence and a strong front grill, the Mercedes C-Benz class quickly starts to fall behind in other areas.

Too much technology?

Part of the problem with the Mercedes C-Benz class is the sheer amount of new technology that is jam-packed into the car - obviously this is a big selling point, but it also means there is a lot more to go wrong and this has been one of the issues such as the infotainment system which has consistently let a number of customers down badly! Other issues have included the electrical system and other interfaces, and the reason for this could be that the company rely on a large number of suppliers for the various technologies used, and obviously not all of these come fault-free!

Uncomfortable driving position

Another common problem with the car, although not as serious as some already mentioned, is the less than comfy driving position, and customers have reported being unable to find a good position, partly due to the hard seating but have also reported difficulties with the high clutch pedal. Maybe this could be more bearable problem over a short distance - but it is something that becomes a major headache if you have to drive a lot and undertake long journeys.

Software problems

The main problem that owners of the car have had however, is the software related malfunctions which can lead the engine to fail possibly due to faulty sensors but as outlined above, there are so many to check that garages can find it is difficult to single out the culprit. Other issues have included clutch problems a few months down the line, and the auto-braking feature which is essentially a life-saver in most cases - except when it operates of it's own accord in some reported scenarios!

Should you buy one?

So, if you are looking for a very expensive luxury car, this one may additionally entail spending a lot of time and money in the garage - the price of excessive technology can sometimes actually be counter-productive funnily enough!

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